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Traffic Control: Roll Up Traffic Signs

Traffic control is one of the primary safety needs in regards to worker safety on roadway projects. Passive traffic control is the primary method in navigating and controlling the speed of that traffic. Passive traffic controls include items such as signage, barricades, traffic message boards, traffic cones, and rumble strips.

Roll Up Traffic Signs

Probably of the greatest importance is the need for proper signage to help, less than perfect, drivers have enough time to make proper decisions and navigate safely through the work zone. Large work zones can require a lot of signage to achieve this, but limited storage space in road crew vehicles can either lengthen the setup process or even limit the number of warning and instructional signs a specific job site may get. Roll-up traffic signs solve that very issue.

What is a Roll-Up Traffic Sign?

As the name suggests a roll-up traffic sign is a traffic control sign, designed for roadway job sites, that “roll up”. In this, they take up very little storage space in road crew vehicles. This allows for the addition of even more signage within that same vehicle, and this can even come with overall weight savings. These signs can be made up of many different types of materials. All are designed for toughness in any environment and have a variety of finishes that meet the needs of the specific job or even the specific local DOT regulations for traffic control devices in your state. These finishes are based on various materials, many made by 3M, which offer varying level of visibility for both day and night work applications.

How do They Work?

Roll up traffic signs are a flexible material, generally diamond shaped, sign that requires a stand and some sort of ribbing for support. Setup is generally quick with a simple opening of the sign and then fixing to the stand and cross supports. Most vendors of these signs have accessories that include extra tough ribbing for high wind locations. Another option is a warning flag mount at the top of the stand that allows for the addition of two small warning flags above the sign (pictured above). This helps increase overall visibility of the sign. These signs can also accept overlays which will reduce costs in regards to the need for multiple signs. With an overlay, you can simply change the legend on your current roll-up traffic sign with ease.

How Are They Mounted?

As mentioned above, they require a stand. However, there are numerous types of stands available that will meet the need of each situation. These might include simple tripod stands, low center weight stands, in-ground stands, and lightweight stands. All of these stands will work the same in regards to how the roll-up sign is mounted, but they will each perform differently in different situations.

Are They Worth It?

With the DOT compliant high visibility options made available by a wide range of materials, portability, space savings, weight savings, and simple customization with overlays – these signs are definitely worth the investment for your next road construction project.

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