Destination Florida’s Highways

There is no better way to experience the beauty of Florida than through the window of a car – road work signs or not. Florida’s highways crisscross the state and traverse some of the region’s most beautiful and interesting landscapes. You can follow one of Florida’s highways to crowded metropolises or destinations off the beaten path.

Florida’s Interstate-4 (I-4) spans both city and rural attractions. The 133 mile stretch of road connects Tampa to Daytona, however, the most infamous segment of road is referred to as the “Dead Zone,” the area outside of Sanford, FL. According to Road Trippers, the area was colonized by Swedish settlers. The settlers prospered in the area for a decade, but fire and Yellow Fever ravaged the colony. Members of the colony were hastily buried and have found eternal rest beneath Interstate-4 (I-4). The may be the only case of people interred beneath a highway.

Florida’s Interstate-4 (I-4) isn’t the only noteworthy highway in the state. Interstate-75 (I-75) boasts connecting some of the state’s best historic and off the beaten path attractions. Attractions include:

Six Mile Cypress Slough
Orange River/Manatee Park
Gamble Mansion
Dade Battlefield

These historic sites and parks showcase some of Florida’s best natural features. Interstate-75 (I-75), 1786 miles of uninterrupted open road spans Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, and Michigan. More importantly to Floridians, the interstate bisects the Everglades. A trek through the rolling Everglades is an amazing voyage, even if you’re not visiting other attractions along the Route. The portion of the route that bisects the Everglades is the famed Alligator Alley.

Florida’s East Coast is interconnected by a ribbon of highway called State Road A1A. The state highway runs from Key West to Fernandina Beach, just south of Georgia. The route includes the famous Seven Mile Bridge and Miami. The road has been mentioned in a variety of songs by artists such as Jimmy Buffett to Vanilla Ice. For those who enjoy beaches and cities, State Road A1A is the route of choice.

Florida possesses many highways worth exploring. Florida’s highways offer a glimpse into the diversity of flora, fauna and local culture. Exploring Florida’s highways isn’t the search for a destination, but the voyage.

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