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Low Visibility Construction Zones

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Often, construction crews work in a twilight ambiance. Although twilight is romantic mood lighting, these dimly lit construction zones may be deadly for our hard-working crew members. It’s invisibility, among other perils, that causes a road work zone to be deadly, and though many wish to possess the superpower of invisibility, suddenly becoming invisible along a highway isn’t a superpower; it’s debilitating.

Road construction crews must don reflective vests while on-site. A construction crew’s garb is their first line of defense against the dangers of a construction zone, especially at night, when most road work is achieved. During twilight hours, motorists speed by paying little attention to the hard-working crew members – it’s reflective vests that grab the attention of motorists and allow construction crew members to be visible.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires road construction crews to don high visibility vests. A letter published by OSHA states that section 5(a)(1) of the Occupational Safety and Health Act requires road crews to wear high-visibility garments on-site, this sentiment is echoed by the Manual on Unified Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). Moreover, American National Standard Institute II approved vests fulfill the requirements set forth by both OSHA and the MUTCD.

Construction crews must wear High Visibility Personal Protection Equipment (HV-PPE) while on site, otherwise known as reflective vests. Although there are many reflective vests on the market, the ANSI II approved high-visibility safety vests meet OSHA and MUTCD standards for on-site visibility.

Construction crews are, too often, like bowling pins awaiting a haphazard motorist. They spend much of their time along well-traversed thoroughfares, in dim lighting, however, reflective orange vests allow construction crews to be visible, even to haphazard drivers. Orange vests may not be a fashion statement, but it’s hard to be fashionable while dead. These vests provide the visibility that saves lives, especially in low light work environments.

Next time you travel along one of America’s highways, the web that stretches from coast to coast, don’t become annoyed by impediments such as orange signs, stop to ponder the ingenuity that created this web.

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